NBA Quiz

A quiz on the NBA.  After you have finished, share this and see how well you compare against your friends on our NBA quiz.

1. In which year was the thee-point field goal implemented in the NBA?
2. What is the largest margin of victory  in NBA regular season (Cleveland v Miami)?
3. Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the most points in regular season, how many did he score?
4. Who has scored the most points in a 7-game finals series?
5. Which team holds the record for the most Championship wins?
6. In which year did the Portland Trailblazers win their only Championship?
7. How many Championships have Miami Heat won?
8. How many Championships did Shaquille O'Neal win?
9. How many times did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar win season MVP?
10. Who was first draft pick in 2005?

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