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Everton Quiz

How well do you know the Everton FC?

Try our Everton FC Quiz and see how many you can get correct out of 10.

Challenge your friends and see who is the champion.

1. Who is Everton's record league goalscorer?
2. Who has made the most league appearances for Everton?
3. How many times have Everton won the top-flight title?
4. In which year did Everton win their last FA Cup?
5. Who is Everton's longest serving manager?
6. How many time have Everton won the FA Cup?
7. Who did Everton sign Andy Johnson from?
8. What was the average league home attendance in 2014-2015?
9. Everton's record league defeat is 7-0.  Who were the opponents?
10. Who has played the most games for Everton in Europe?

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