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Everton FC Quiz 2023

How well do you know the Everton FC?

Everton Football Club is a British football club, and one of the most successful clubs in the world. Founded in 1878, Everton have won the FA Cup twice and the League Championship five times. They have also reached the European Cup final three times and the UEFA Champions League final twice.

1. Background

Everton Football Club is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England. The club was founded in 1878 and has played at Goodison Park since 1892. Everton competes in the English Premier League, the top tier of English football. The club’s home colors are royal blue and white. Everton has the fifth highest attendance ever in England, with 78,299 people at Goodison Park in 1948

2. The squad

Everton FC is a club that has been around since 1878 and they have a long and illustrious history. They have played in the top division of English football for most of that time and they have even won the Champions League.

They have a squad of some great players and they always seem to be in the running for the top honours. Here is a quick rundown of the squad:

  • Joel Robles – A former player for Everton who currently plays for Leeds United.
  • John Stones – A talented defender who move to Manchester city
  • Leighton Baines – A versatile defender who has played 13 seasons with the club !
  • Ross Barkley – Another talented player who played 150 games with Everton.
  • Romelu Lukaku – A powerful and talented striker who is a world famous player

3. Fan engagement

The club has a very passionate fanbase and is always looking for ways to engage with its fans.
One way the club does this is by regularly releasing new content, including videos, articles, and blog posts. This content is made available on the club’s website, its social media platforms, and even on its app.
The club also organizes events such as tours, meet and greets, and even game days. This constant engagement helps to create a strong connection between Everton FC and its fans.
This connection is important because it helps to create a sense of community and keeps fans coming back for more.

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Who is Everton's record league goalscorer?


Who has made the most league appearances for Everton?


How many times have Everton won the top-flight title?


In which year did Everton win their last FA Cup?


Who is Everton's longest serving manager?


How many time have Everton won the FA Cup?


Who did Everton sign Andy Johnson from?


What was the average league home attendance in 2021-2022?


Everton's record league defeat is 7-0.  Who were the opponents?


Who has played the most games for Everton in Europe?

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