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Greece Quiz

Greece are dominating the headlines at the moment.  Will they or won’t they leave the EU?  How much have you learned and do you really know about Greece. Find out by trying our new Greece quiz.  See how many you can get correct out of ten.

1. What is the capital of Greece?
2. What is the population of Greece?
3. What is the area of Greece?
4. What is the GDP per capita (PPP and in USD)?
5. Who is the Greek Prime Minister (as at July 2015)?
6. In which year did the Greece football (soccer) team win the men's European Championships?
7. Which is the largest Greek island by area?
8. Which is the highest Greek mountain?
9. Which of the following countries does Greece share a land border with?
10. The two colours in the Greek flag are white and ......?

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