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Wimbledon Quiz

A quiz on Wimbledon.  After you have finished, share this and see how well you compare against your friends on our Wimbledon Quiz.

1. Who won the men's singles 2015 title?
2. Who won the 2015  women's singles title?
3. In which year was the Wimbledon Championship founded?
4. Who has won the most men's doubles titles?
5. In which year did McEnroe make the famous "You cannot be serious" call at Wimbledon?
6. Who is the youngest ever men's singles champion?
7. Who is the youngest ever female singles champion?
8. In which year did Andy Murray win the men's singles title?
9. What is the prize money (in GBP) for winning the singles title in 2015 (it's the same for both men's and women's)?
10. In 2001 Goran Ivanisevic was the lowest ranked winner of the men's singles title.  What was his ranking?

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